Sycamore Run Farm: Ahead of the Curve in Grass-Fed Livestock Production

Dec 7th, 2017

Jason Hobson was becoming proficient in organic and grass-fed livestock farming long before such concepts became buzzwords at groceries and farm markets.

20 years ago, after graduating from IU Bloomington, Jason took a series of positions at organic vegetable, dairy and livestock farms.  Working on organic dairies in Pennsylvania as well as Indiana's own Traders Point Creamery in Zionsville, he learned firsthand the benefits of raising animals in optimal grazing and soil fertility conditions.

“I learned early that getting animals in the right setting with access to pasture, sunshine, fresh air and clean water eliminates 99% of all health problems, and is going to result in a superior product for the consumer,” Jason explains.

In 2010, Jason acquired an 80-acre Monroe County property where he would establish Sycamore Run Farm.  But the years of neglect by previous owners left the land suffering from poor soil conditions and lackluster grass growth.  Far from daunted, he was determined to incorporate the kind of sustainable practices he began learning two decades ago. Slowly, he began improving soil fertility and grass quality for his livestock through rotational grazing and careful management of animal intake.

Before long, the land responded. Jason now gets five to six times the grass production he saw during his first year.

Today he and his son Ben, with assistance from his daughter Mary, own and operate grass-fed beef and lamb operation without the use of chemical pesticides or antibiotics.

“In the last couple years my kids have shown strong interest in becoming more involved in production, and it’s been a joy for me to be able to share that part of my life with them,” Jason says of his truly family-operated farm.

What does that mean for Market Wagon customers? Jason puts it in fairly simple terms.

“We have some of the healthiest animals around, and that translates into some of the highest quality meat,” he says. “From a nutritional perspective, you’re getting what you’re supposed to get out of high-quality, grass-fed meat, at an affordable price.”

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