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Mashed Hot Sauce

Brunch Pack

Teas & Beverages:

A classic bloody mary mix made with our house hot sauce, Table Sauce and lots of horseradish. Our bloody mary mix is much lower in sodium than many other mixes available today. We do not add any salt! Instead, we use ingredients such as pickles, worcestershire and our Table Sauce that already have a little salt built in. Although we are able to keep the sodium at bay, the flavor still packs a full punch! Package Includes: 4 single serving bottles of bloody mary mix and 1 bottle of Table Sauce-Spicy Garlic. Table Sauce is our house sauce. It is diverse and complex. It begins with Indiana grown red jalapeno peppers and is finished with LOTS fresh roasted garlic, caramelized onion and just a pinch of habanero pepper. Our house Table Sauce is the perfect hot sauce for any occasion.USA / Indiana / Hamilton County

House Blend: $16.00

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Fiery Blend: $16.00

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Half House/Half Fiery: $16.00

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Q: How many bottle in your brunch pack and what size bottles?

A: Hello, the Brunch Pack comes with 4 single serve bottles (5oz) of bloody mary mix and 1 bottle of Table Sauce, our house hot sauce. Each bottle of bloody mary mix makes a 12oz-16oz bloody mary, depending on the amount of ice/liquor.

October 21st, 2020 person_outline Fay C.
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