Meet Jeannie Marrugo, Owner of Café Baby

When Jeannie Marrugo’s daughter Camila became old enough to start eating solid foods, Jeannie had no idea how extensive the range of baby food products and brands available in the marketplace had become. She also realized that many of these products contained preservatives and added chemicals – ingredients she certainly didn’t want Camila eating – and that many are prepared from concentrates, which can result in elevated sugar and salt cont... Continue Reading

Meet the Makers

Each week, we like to take a moment to highlight a different vendor, because without the passion and dedication of the farms and artisans who bring your food every week, there would be no online farmers market. Here is the latest feature.

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Below is a list of every farm and artisan represented in the Online Farmers Market. You can click on a vendor to view their full offering of products. And, interact directly with the vendors when you're browsing their products by asking questions on the product page. Vendors receive and respond to your questions, sometimes the same day, because we all want you to know where your food comes from and never stop asking about it.

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