King David Dogs



The King David brand of hot dogs was originally developed by Hene Meat Company in Indianapolis. The Hene brothers (Paul and William Hene) started the company in the early 1940’s in downtown Indianapolis and eventually created a signature all-beef 1/4 lb. hot dog that was sold in grocery stores and delis all around the city. The Hene Meat Co. continued to serve the Indianapolis area through the early 1990’s.

After realizing that there was no place to get a good grilled hot dog in Indianapolis, an idea was hatched. Never having an opportunity to be a part of the family business, Brent Joseph, grandson of co-founder William Hene, along with his wife Hannah, came up with an idea to bring back the original King David hot dog. After getting the family blessing to use the original recipe, Brent eventually found a manufacturer that would be able to re-create the "Indy original" King David hot dog. These are now available for delivery to your door via Market Wagon.





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March 14th, 2019

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