Non-Local Items

This product is not local, and local is the year-round mission of Market Wagon.  So why is it in our market?

Our market vendors’ entrepreneurial drive, along with their care for the land and for the people whom that land feeds, align with our values at Market Wagon.  We believe that eating locally-grown food is one of the best ways to express that care.

But we also know that you may eat oranges, lemons, and bananas.  You may want to eat eggplant and broccoli during the months when it cannot be grown locally.  So we also appreciate when one of our vendors takes the same care to bring you food you can trust, from specific well-chosen farms, even if not from the same soils where you tread.

We also know that many people do endeavor to eat local, no matter the season. If that is you, then your diet changes with the season, and you are passionate about adhering to true local food.  We do our best to clearly note the source of any non-local products so that you can be as discriminating as you wish while shopping on Market Wagon.

Never stop questioning where your food comes from, even if the brand is "Your Online Farmers Market.”  We appreciate your support, and we welcome your questions.

 -- Nick Carter, Co-Founder & CEO



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