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Filet Mignon- 2 Steaks 8-9oz each Grass Pastured

~1.1 lbs Beef Tenderloin (Filet) Beef Tenderloin is the tenderest piece of beef available. Cut 2 inches thick, with 2 steaks per package these hardy steaks will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite. Our cattle graze our organically managed pastures and eat our homegrown grass silages in the winter. We also provide them with free choice minerals, vitamins, sea salt and sea kelp. We believe that the best grass makes the best beef and we continuously strive to manage our pastures so that we improve the soil, grow the most nutritious grass and in-turn produce the best beef product. Our animals are processed at a family owned state inspected processing plant that treats the animals with respect all the way through the butchering process. Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy! USA / IN / Henry Co CountyRihm's Meats

$ 29.99

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