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Fruit Loop Acres

5 Fruits, preserved in vinegar - 12 oz

Jams & Spreads:

Sip or use as a "Shrub" (cocktail/mocktail)...infusing our early summer fruits--tart cherry, rhubarb, black Raz berry, purple gooseberry & wineberry--layered fruity flavors in old timey preservation of white vinegar, utilizing the natural sugars of no-spray fruit. Google fruit shrub/sipping vinegars if unfamiliar. No added sugar. Small batch.Usa / Indiana / Marion County

5 fruits and white vinegar

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format_quoteThis would go great in a Cocktail. I love sipping it as a shrub though. Researching shrubs I also found that drinking vinegar infusions offer you MANY health benefits!format_quote

January 8th, 2019 person_outline Erica