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SonShine Kombucha

*64oz Growler - Jasmine Kombucha

Teas & Beverages: Black Tea, Chai, Green Tea, Juices & Ciders, Kombucha, Loose Leaf tea, Organic, Soda

Go Big or Go Home! This is our 64oz growler option. SonShine Kombucha Jasmine is made with premium quality Frontier® CO-OP brand Jasmine Green Tea. Fresh jasmine flowers infuse this delicate loose leaf green tea with their exotic scent. It is crisp, light and floral. Frontier® Jasmine flowers absorb the exotic fragrance when made into tea, making it a sensual pleasure to drink. We hope you enjoy our Jasmine Kombucha! Please see "64oz Growler Exchange" if you have a growler to return. Market Wagon will exchange your empty growler for a new one.

Filtered Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Green Tea and Jasmine Flowers, Live Kombucha Culture


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