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8 pounds of Hog Fat (ground) make own Lard

Grown on our small farm.All natural. no antibiotics, hormones etc. 3 ways to render your fat: 1)Place the fat in a slow cooker/ set it to LOW. 2)If you’re melting it over the stovetop, place it in a heavy pot (cast iron Dutch ovens are perfect because they distribute heat evenly), set it to “2”. Once it begins melting set it to “1”. (Again, the key is cooking it over low heat to produce a beautifully clean lard with a neutral flavor.) 3)You can also render lard in the oven: Place it in a heavy pot (Dutch oven is perfect) and set the oven between 225-250 degrees F. I leave the lid off to prevent water/moisture from building up, which can lead to spoiling. By leaving the lid off, the water will evaporate. If you over-cook it or allow it to burn on the edges, the lard will begin to brown and you’ll end up with a lard that has a stronger porky flavor. It’s still completely usable for things like frying and sauteing, it’s just not ideal for making sweet pastries/pie crusts.Indiana / USA / White County

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