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LocalFolks Foods

9oz Red Raspberry Jam - LocalFolks Foods

Jams & Spreads: Jam

Only the freshest picked juicy red raspberries are chosen to go into our jam. Grandma would be proud to call this one her own. LocalFolks Foods partners with family farms and farm co-ops to produce a variety of wholesome natural foods that capture the flavorful abundance of America's varying farm regions. Fully-ripened ingredients that are picked their peak of flavor go into our delicious jams. Our jams contain No-Corn Syrup, Non-GMO, No-Artificial Ingredients, and are Gluten-Free. Enjoy this sweet treat on your favorite bread, use as a glaze, or a topping for ice cream.USA / Indiana / Hamilton County

Red Raspberries, Evaporated Cane, and Pectin


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