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McCoy's Farm

Absolutely delicious McCoy's Farm Eggs

Eggs: Cage Free, Free Range, Non-GMO Feed

enhance your baking and culinary creations with beautiful fresh farm chicken eggs, fed organically and free range, hand picked and not sorted for sizes. one dozen,Hope you take a peek and try some of our bacon, pork chops/ steak, beef liver, T Bones with your eggs! Indiana / USA / White County

gathered by hand

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Q: Is there soy or corn in your chicken feed? Says fed organically so I'm assuming no GMOs then, correct?

A: no soy. we do give them popcorn as a treat. oyster shells. and they roam the pastures for their grubs,worms and bugs

April 13th, 2019 person_outline Karen S.
Q: Where are you located and would you go little down on a price if I would bring the cartons and buy about 12 dozen? A month

A: Yes Reynolds

March 9th, 2019 person_outline Robert
Q: How big of an area are the chickens aloud to roam ? Or are they truly free range (go wherever they want and eat whatever they find)

A: Our chickens have a determined area to roam and a house to go in to get out of the weather and they get scraps from the kitchen too . We have coyotes here and that determines our area- as they eat chickens!

April 20th, 2018 person_outline Traci
Q: Is this price for 1 dozen eggs?

A: Yes

January 25th, 2020 person_outline Susan
star star star star star

format_quoteHave bought eggs from a few farms and these are the best! Always super fresh, and while the sizes vary, they're always decently sized and never really small. These are the only eggs my boyfriend does not immediately cover with ketchup. They're delicious fried or scrambled, and with the range of colors, they're also just really pretty. format_quote

April 13th, 2019 person_outline Jennifer B.
star star star star star

format_quoteBought last order, perfect!format_quote

March 9th, 2019 person_outline Cathy
star star star star star

format_quoteDelicious, beautiful eggs!format_quote

April 20th, 2018 person_outline Beth Lively

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