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Scholars Inn Bakehouse

Bagel & Schmear Combo - Bakehouse Asiago Bagel (5pk) with 8 oz Container of Veggie Schmear

Baked Goods: Bagel

New York style plain bagel, topped with Asiago Cheese and paired with our Veggie Schmear. The best schmear you will ever taste featuring broccoli, carrots, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, chives and a few secret ingredients! You will quickly become a fan!USA / Indiana / Monroe County

Asiago Bagel: Hi Gluten flour, Water, Asiago Cheese (Pasteurized Part Skim Milk, Cheese cultures, Salt, Enzymes), New York Bagel Base (Sugar, Malt Barley Flour, Honey, Wheat Gluten, Contains 2% or less of: Mono-and Diglycerides, Molasses, Enzyme, Ascorbic Acid, Yeast. Veggie Schmear: cream cheese, mayonnaise, broccoli, carrots, sundried tomatoes, garlic, chives, lemon juice, hot sauce, salt, pepper.

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