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Scholars Inn Bakehouse

Bagel & Schmear Combo - Bakehouse Everyseed Bagel (5pk) with 8 oz Container of Veggie Schmear

Baked Goods: Bagel

Our famous New York style Everyseed Bagel paired with our Veggie Schmear. The best schmear you will ever taste featuring broccoli, carrots, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, chives and a few secret ingredients! You will quickly become a fan!USA / Indiana / Monroe County

Everyseed Bagel: Hi Gluten Flour, Water, New York Bagel Base (Sugar, Salt, Malt Barley Flour, Honey, Wheat Gluten, Contains 2% or Less: Mono-and Diglycerides, Molasses, Enzyme, Ascorbic Acid), Natural Sesame Seeds, Minced Garlic, Sunflower Seeds, Minced Onion, Pretzel Salt, Poppy Seeds, Yeast. Veggie Schmear: cream cheese, mayonnaise, broccoli, carrots, sundried tomatoes, garlic, chives, lemon juice, hot sauce, salt, pepper.

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format_quoteFlavor wise the bagels and schmear are delicious. I'm giving this a four star rating because the packaging is terrible. The schmear is in the bag under the bagels, so I had to take all the bagels out of the bag to get to it for refrigeration. As a result, my counter was a hot mess of bagel toppings that I had to clean up. Again, delicious product but the packaging needs some work. format_quote

January 22nd, 2021 person_outline Sara M.
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format_quoteThis should be a 5, excellent. These bagels are delicious and the veggie schmear is wonderful. It's so good it could be a sandwich on the fsbulous sourdough from Scholars Inn. This is one of my favorite vendors. My problem is with how it was packaged. The five bagels and cheese spread was in one bag with the schmear at the bottom. That means I either have to put the bagels and cheese in the fridge - no, I don't want to refrigerate the bagels - or unpack to get to the cheese to put in the fridge and repack the bagels. This was a messy pain. It also meant that the cheese spread was nowhere near cold, it was separated from the lone ice pack in the bottom by the bagels. Excellent product, but please change the delivery!format_quote

January 21st, 2021 person_outline Lawson H.