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St. Athanasius Indy Bakery

BISCOTTI – Variety Pack of 6

Baked Goods: Breakfast, Dessert, Fruit, Pastry, Soy Free, Yeast Free

A traditional Italian biscuit cookie that is twice-baked and oblong-shaped. Ours are larger than your common bakery shop. This package includes 2 vanilla almond, 2 cranberry and 2 grande biscotti. You get to enjoy all our flavors. Savor the crunchy texture with or without dipping in your favorite coffee, tea, or wine. The buttery, nutty and fruity 5.5" to 6" cookies is a taste sensation.USA / Indiana / Marion County

Vanilla almond: Flour, sugar, almonds, butter, eggs, white chocolate, baking powder, vanilla. Cranberry Almond: Flour, sugar, dried cranberries, eggs, butter, almond extract, baking powder, salt. Grande: Flour, sugar, almonds, butter, eggs, white chocolate, cocoa, coffee, baking powder, vanilla


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