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Boneless Pork Loin Chops

We like to season our pork chops with just a little salt, pepper and olive oil. We sear them in a hot pan for a couple of minutes on each side to form a nice crust, and then finish them in an oven for a few minutes until done. No dry, tasteless pork here! You will find our heritage breed pork is not white, but actually pink. It has a generous amount of intramuscular marbling and a thick layer of fat that provides awesome juicy flavor and melt in your mouth tenderness. This fat makes the meat perfect for low and slow or fast and hot cooking.Our heritage breed pigs are born and raised on our beautiful 150 acre Southern Indiana farm. Our premium pork is a result of our pigs roaming the pastures and woodlots in search of grasses, roots and nuts. Never given antibiotics or hormones, they are supplemented with non-GMO transitional organic feed.USA / Indiana / Owen CountySander's Processing

$ 10.50

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