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BooYAH! Shrubs

BRUSH FIRE - 4oz Black Tea & Sage Infused Black Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt

Spices & Seasonings: Salt

Brush Fire is both an INFUSED (for 3 long months) and INTENSELY smoked sea salt. BooYAH!'s unique infusion involves garden-fresh sage micronized together with Indy’s own The Royal Frenchmen Tea Company's Lapsang Souchong (black) tea, and finally Black Cherrywood slow-smoked. This savory seasoning is perfect for a red meat or ribs rub or added to any dish that wants depth and warmth. This is the smoked salt that’ll set the world on fire!USA / Indiana / Marion County

Sea Salt, The Royal Frenchmen Tea Co. Lapsung Souchong (black) Tea and Fresh Garden Sage

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