Big Brick House Pasta

*Chocolate Conchiglioni pasta - 12 oz. non-GMO, Whole grain and vegan (2)

I know... Surprising right! This a fun and fabulous way to surprise and enchant your guest by bringing europe to your dinner table. You have to crack open the book of possibilities stored in your brain. Let's start with what you pair chocolate with; peanut butter, strawberries, red raspberries, sweet ricotta cannoli filling, the possibilities are endless. You also have to look at what is pie crust mainly made of.. flour & water. What is Pasta mainly made of flour & water. This product sold out in a day at the 2018 Indiana Artisan Marketplace.

Our fresh whole grain flour and Aristocrat™ Cocoa Powder, has a higher cocoa butter (fat) level and an intense chocolate flavor.

$ 6.50

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