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Gluten and Dairy Free 12 Inch Pizza Crust

This Gluten and Diary Free Pizza Crust is hand tossed by J man himself! When J was first diagnosed, one of our fears was that he'd never get to eat pizza! It took a few years but we came up with our family's "classic" recipe! It can be frozen for up to 3 months. Cooking directions are as follows, top frozen , put in a 400 degree oven 10-14 minutes depending on amount of toppings! This pizza crust puts 4 people on the spectrum to work! One to measure flours and proof yeast, another add ingredients to the mixer and proof yeast, someone to weigh one pound dough peices, toss and bake, and lastly someone to package, label and wash the dishesusa / Indiana / Hamiliton County

Ingredients- Rice Flour Blend, Eggs, Olive Oil,Sugar, Yeast, Xanthum Gum , Salt, Guar Gum Contains- Eggs Processed using best practices in a facility that also process wheat, milk, and nuts

$ 8.00

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