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Ground Chicken- 1lb, Pastured, Dark Meat, Organically Processed, GMO free, No Seasoning

Our ground chicken is very popular with our CSA customers. We take only dark meat from the leg and thigh to make our ground chicken so it is moist and flavorful. My favorite uses are lettuce wraps and chili! Our broilers roam lush green grass pastures and eat our home made GMO free grain mix. The grain mix provided consists of local corn from NON-GMO seed, Non-GMO soy bean meal, organically grown cold pressed non-GMO sunflower oil, oyster shells, vitamins, minerals, sea kelp, sea salt, and probiotics. Our broilers are processed at a family owned USDA inspected processing plant that treats the animals with respect all the way through the butchering process. Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy! USA / IN / Henry County

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