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M&D Marketing

Hemp Infused Spice Blends & Sauces

Sauces & Condiments: BBQ Sauce, Condiments, Hot Sauce, Salt, Sauce, Spices

A variety of different Hemp Infused products which include: - HEMP INFUSED ALL PURPOSE SEASONING * Ingredients: Sea Salt, Fresh Ground Hemp, Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper - HEMP INFUSED HOT SAUCE * Ingredients: Vinegar, Tomatoes, Peppers, Fresh Ground Hemp, Spices - HEMP HEARTS * Ingredients: Fresh Hemp Hearts - HEMP INFUSED BBQ SAUCE * Ingredients: Tomato, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Water, Spices, Salt - HEMP INFUSED MUSTARD * Ingredients: Brown & Yellow Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Honey, Peppers, Salt, SpicesUSA / indiana / bartholomew County

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