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Old Major Market

Italian Pork Meatballs w/ Cheese! (GLUTEN FREE)

Butcher Shop: Gluten Free, Ground, No-MSG, Pork, Sausage

Everyone loves a good meatball, right? Our Italian pork meatballs are fully cooked, delicious, and a great quick solution for lunch or dinner. Just reheat and serve. Feeling saucy? Reheat, toss on a hoagie roll with some provolone and melt under the broiler, throw some red sauce on top and you've got a real winner! There are approximately 9 meatballs in a pound and remember, this is 1 pound cooked weight. These are Gluten Free and have added Parmesan cheese!! USA / Indiana / Marion County

Pork, Caramelized Onion, Egg, Rice Flour, Parmesan Cheese, Red Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt, Spices

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