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Endless Knot Community Farm

Lamb Bacon, 100% Grass-fed and Finished, Sugar-free

Butcher Shop: 100% Grass Fed, Bacon, Gluten Free, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Ketogenic, Lamb & Goat, No-MSG, Paleo, Pasture Raised, Smoked & Seasoned

Have you ever tried lamb bacon? While most think of pork when it comes to bacon, lamb is a great alternative that delivers rich, mouthwatering flavor. EKC Farm's lamb bacon is hardwood smoked and bursting with the smoky, sweet flavor of Applewood. We also use celery juice powder and sea salt when curing our Applewood lamb bacon, this bacon is sugar-free and has no added nitrates. We enjoy adding lamb bacon to a variety of different meals; the combination of salt, Applewood, and the naturally gamey taste of lamb makes for an amazing addition to many different dishes. Be careful not to overcook lamb bacon. All our lambs are raised right here on our farm on regeneratively managed pasture. Our lambs are never given antibiotics or hormones and enjoy a rich diet of diverse species pasture. Often lambs are finished by feeding grain, we never feed any grain to any of our grazing animals at EKC Farm. We have limited supply on lamb, get yours now and enjoy! avg. 8 oz/package It is essential to us that we have confidence in the quality of food that we feed our family and at EKC Farm our goal is to allow you to have the same confidence. We believe in transparency - we are here because our customers trust us. You can review our farming protocols and standards on our website: We welcome our customers to visit us on the farm. If you are interested, contact us through Facebook or / Indiana / Grnat County

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