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Mama B's Broth

Mama B's Mushroom Broth

Entrees, Sides, & Soups: Gluten Free, Ketogenic, Paleo, Soup, Vegetarian

This broth is made with all organic ingredients, mushrooms and vegetables. This broth is so tasty you can drink it cold. Suggestion is to simmer on the stove to thaw. Use broth to replace with water for rice, quinoa, casseroles, vegetable soup and stews. Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly and Gluten Free. 14 oz. frozen containerUSA / Indiana / Marion County

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Q: Do you use a variety of wild type mushrooms or mostly button mushrooms? Where do you source them from? Thank you!

A: Hello, thanks or the question. I use white & Baby Bella organics from Costco and Shiitake from Fresh Thyme. All my veggies I use are organic as well. Let me know if you have other questions, Mama B

September 20th, 2020 person_outline Carol N.
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