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Moonlit Farms: Wholesome Local Food

Organically Raised Eggs: One Dozen Jumbo, XL, Large Eggs

Eggs: Cage Free, Non-GMO Feed, Organic, Pastured

Our girls eat a daily diet of Organic non-GMO feed and have access to pasture for exercise and foraging. The net weight of the carton will be approximately XL with a mix of eggs sized Large, XL, and Jumbo. You may receive a mix of colors including green, blue, cream, and brown shells. Blue and green shells are rarer at this time. Our eggs are not certified Organic but are fed an organic diet. Due to the proximity of non-Organic production farms, we are not able to become certified. We choose to grow our produce and eggs in an organic manner where pesticides and non-organic additives are not introduced through our practices. Feed Brand: DuMOR Organic Layer Pellets USA / Indiana / Hamilton County


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