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Kankakee Valley Homestead

Pastured Chicken Eggs

Eggs: Cage Free, Pastured

One dozen eggs from our pastured chickens, as well as eggs from our free range flocks. Each of our flocks has access to at least 15 square feet of green pasture per bird and rotated to keep them on fresh pastures. They are hormone and antibiotic free and we do not provide supplemental lighting to force year round laying. We supplement their food with non-GMO grains grown on our and a neighbors farm, and of course a lot of our sweet corn leftovers. Not every dozen will be as pretty as the dozen above, but they all come from pretty chickens. Expect mostly brown, some white and green eggs from the following breeds: Iowa Blue, Swedish Flower Hen, Bielelfelder, Isbar, Marans, Rhode Island Reds, and a few others. USA / Indiana / LaPorte County


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Q: Do you feed them soy? And the grains you feed them it says are non-gmo but what pesticides, etc are used since doesn't say organic. I get the whole organic certification being costly so just curious what is used and what are the practices? Thanks!

A: Thanks for asking! They are fed some soy, unfortunately it's a phenomenal protein for them and we're exploring the viability of some other great proteins like sunflowers and peas. We're actually in year two of the three year process on the way to becoming organic in our vegetable production so some of our grains follow those rules. The following ingredients are treated only with neem oil as a preventive fungicide in the final weeks of seed production: Sunflowers, Barley, Rye, Peas, and leftover sweet corn. We also grow conventional, non-GMO grain corn (we spray both atrazine and impact as an herbicide one time about a month after we plant and use neem oil again as a preventive fungicide) and non-GMO soybeans (we use pursuit and prowl as pre-emerge herbicides before planting, one commonly used on green beans, and neem oil.)

September 30th, 2020 person_outline Karen S.
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