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Old Major Market

Pork & Cherry Meatball (1LB)

Butcher Shop: Ground, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Pork, Sausage

This is a gem of a meatball! Fischer Farms pork (AB/HM Free) blended with Cherry compote (made from stewing fresh dark cherries, w/ brandy, and a small amount of brown sugar), Caramelized Onion, and Old Major Maple Bourbon Bacon. These are flavorful, savory meatball, that would go great with a red sauce, white sauce, smothered in butter, or just eat them by themselves. 1LB package approximately 9 meatballs. USA / Indiana / Marion County

Pork, Cherry Compote (cherries, brandy, sugar), Caramelized Onion (onion, salt, sugar), bacon (pork, salt, sugar, brown sugar, bourbon, sodium nitrite), egg, bread crumb (wheat flour, water, salt, yeast), sea salt

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