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Rhubarb-a-rita Syrup- makes 4 drinks

Indiana rhubarb makes this drink a winner. Recipes included for Rhubarb margarita (add tequila) or a rhubarb spritzer. Enough to make a pitcher for 4 (12 oz). Sold frozen. To make: Mix 3oz syrup + 1 oz tequila + 1/2oz triple sec. Shake over ice or in blender for slush. Dip rim in water & roll on salt or sugar & garnish. To make a pitcher: entire bag + 4oz tequila + 2oz triple sec Rhubarb Spritzer: Mix 3oz syrup + 3 oz sprite or seltzer. pour over ice into glasses (salted or sugared) & garnish. Keep sealed in fridge 7 days or freezer for 3 months.

Rhubarb, water, sugar.

$ 8.00

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