Living Roots Farm and Sustainable Living Center

French Lick, IN


Living Roots Farm and Sustainable Living Center produces high quality grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free range eggs, and chemical-free produce. Our live-in farm (for staff and work-exchange staff) is located near French Lick, IN on a beautiful rolling 75 acres near Hoosier National Forest. We also operate an organic farm school. In addition to farming, we focus on sustainable living, which includes off-the-grid living, healing arts/healthy living, and natural building. We produce only chemical free products which are good for you and good for the land. And what does chemical free mean? It is a term often used by farms who have clean products but do not certify organic. We have certified organic for two years in the past but do not any longer due to the paperwork burden and the loss of integrity in the organic standards. But please be assured, our products are clean! For more info, please see our website at: or our FB page at: Living Roots Farm FB page





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April 11th, 2021

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